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Written by Steven Hoober. Cover design by Espen Brunborg.
400 pages. Quality hardcover with stitched binding and ribbon page marker
ISBN: 978-3-945749-97-5

There are over 2 billion portable touchscreen devices in use today, and hundreds of millions more installed in cars and kiosks. Sales of traditional mouse-and-keyboard computers have been falling for years, replaced by mobile phones and tablets. Mobile is the new default, but there are a lot of myths and out-of-date practices on how touch works, and how to design for mobile.

Touch Design for Mobile Interfaces shows new insights from research on hardware, people, interactions, and environments. Steven Hoober has studied in depth how people actually touch and hold mobile phones and tablets. Steven spent over 20 years designing products for mobile phones, tablets, kiosks, and computers.

The book also includes guidelines and best practices you can apply to your designs to address usability and accessibility issues immediately.

“Eye opening and practical, but above all, useful. Steven synthesizes his extensive field observations with a deep technical understanding of touch usage and history. This book balances pragmatic guidelines and theory in a way that’s accessible, memorable, and highly referenceable. I now observe phone usage completely differently, but in a way that seems completely obvious in retrospect.”
Lucas Roe
Design Lead, Vertex

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