ColomPac® book mailers
One can’t say enough about the importance of how you package your book. In fact, how virtually any product is received by the consumer says a lot about the integrity of the supplier. Think of Apple®. When you buy an iPhone®, iMac® or any of the company’s products, it is always packaged beautifully in well-designed boxes. Everything is thought out and presented with such high standards that it might as well be an item of jewelry. That’s how Apple® thinks of their products; they’re like little gems. And, after all the work you will have put into your book, you too will think of it as a little gem. So see your book project through with integrity, and make sure that your packaging has the following assets:

  1. It should be functional. This means easy-to-assemble, easy-to-seal, and easy-to-open. For fulfillment houses and publishers, these features save a lot of time, materials, and frustration.
  2. It should be well-designed, and impact-proof, and have variable-depth creases so you can fold its flaps tightly down onto your book, or multiple copies of your book.
  3. It should be economical, and optimized for standard media mail postage.
  4. Have your book wraps branded with your name, logo, and return address. “Wow” factor is a big deal to consumers these days.
  5. And today, any packaging should be friendly to the environment.

For a long time, our small publishing company agonized over the packaging of our books. We would always deliver them in white cardboard boxes, swathed in bubble wrap, and taped with a vengeance. We knew there had to be a better alternative, and after much research found the amazing wraparound book mailers manufactured by the German/Austrian company Dinkauser Kartonagen under the registered trade name of ColomPac®. These beautifully designed book mailers are classy but they are also intelligently designed and very functional, and include all of the assets mentioned above. They are available from the exclusive importer into North America, PEGASUS MEDIA SOLUTIONS, with free shipping within the USA and also offer free 2-color printing on orders of 5,000 items or more.

ColomPac® book wraps come in various sizes, and can accommodate most of the standard book formats with little or no need for bubble wrap. They don’t require any tape as their self-sealing strips are made from a remarkable glue (saving a lot of frustration), and the recipient merely pulls the tear-open strip to unpack their book with ease (happy, happy customers).  ColomPac® products are also made with great consideration for the environment, and are approved by various regulatory agencies in that regard. They are climate-friendly, recyclable, biodegradable, and FSC® approved.

Also keep in mind that if you sell as a third party on, say,, and fulfill your own orders, you will be rated by customers for the quality and timeliness of your delivery. Good packaging will often win you those coveted 5 stars.

One last thing, ColomPac® impact-resistant book mailers function so well that they are used by many companies for safely shipping delicate electronic, medical and surgical devices.

ColomPac® also produces over 180 sizes and formats of boxes for all types of e-commerce and fulfillment. For detailed information, visit: