An innovative company offers great rates for the mailing of books to virtually anywhere.

Publishers, book distributors and authors have long been exasperated by the costly international postage rates offered by the United States Postal Service.  Try sending, for example, a book that weighs 2+ lbs to the United Kingdom or to one of the countries in the European Union and you can expect to pay over $30.00!  Books to Australia or New Zealand can be over $40.00.  These high rates discourage global sales because most consumers refuse to pay shipping that is often higher than the price of the book itself.

PEGASUS MEDIA EXPRESS now offers solutions for book fulfillment (and other products) to most countries worldwide with rates that bring an entirely new dynamic into the world of small-parcel logistics. And the way it works is quite simple: you deliver your books to one of Pegasus’s locations in the USA or in Europe, and Pegasus will mail single or multiple copies to virtually any country in the world at rates that will bring a smile to your face.

Here are some rate comparisons between Pegasus and the US Postal Services:

Item Weight
(with packaging)
From To USPS Rate Pegasus Rate
0.5 kg (1.1 lbs) USA Countries in the
European Union (EU) + UK
$ 23.28 $ 15.61
1.0 kg (2.2 lbs) USA Countries in the
European Union (EU) + UK
$ 37.05 $ 18.41
2.0 kg (4.4 lbs) USA Countries in the
European Union (EU) + UK
$ 60.09 $ 24.70
0.5 kg (1.1 lbs) USA Most Countries Worldwide
(Outside Europe)
$ 26.36 $ 18.01
1.0 kg (2.2 lbs) USA Most Countries Worldwide
(Outside Europe)
$ 40.85 $ 20.76
2.0 kg (4.4 lbs) USA Most Countries Worldwide
(Outside Europe)
$ 70.30 $ 26.19

This begs the question: how do your books get to Germany from the USA and isn’t that costly? PEGASUS MEDIA EXPRESS has made this very straightforward for USA-based book producers and distributors by sending their books to the Pegasus facility in Germany as part of its weekly air consignments. The cost of doing this can be pro-rated per book as a surcharge built into Pegasus’s rates, whether you send a pallet of books, or just 20 books at a time.

Alternatively, PEGASUS MEDIA EXPRESS will arrange the logistics of getting pallets of your books to Germany in one consignment and at very reasonable rates. Or you can make your own arrangements to get your books to PEGASUS MEDIA EXPRESS in Germany, and take advantage of even lower per-book postage rates.

Why Germany?  Because the German postal service, Deutsche Post/DHL, offers some of the most competitive postal rates in the world.

Pegasus’s rates include tracking information, and in most cases include insurance as well. And, in addition to huge savings, Pegasus customers can attest to quicker delivery times for books sent overseas than those using the USPS.

Access to a global readership at reasonable postage rates has so far been a mere dream for most American publishers and authors. Pegasus Parcel Express’s small parcel logistics can now make those dreams a reality.

Some frequently asked questions:

Is there a limit to how many books can be fulfilled by Pegasus?
No, Pegasus will accommodate fulfillment for as few as 50 books a month, up to many thousands of books per month.

Can Pegasus also ship items other than books?
Yes, Pegasus can fulfill nearly any kind of product at the same rates.

Can anyone use the Pegasus International Media Mail rates?
Anyone who is a Fulfillment Customer with Pegasus with 50 or more items fulfilled per month qualifies for the special International Media Mail rates.

What does Pegasus charge in addition to its postage rates?
The only other charges are for pick-and-pack and for pallet storage, which is just $15 per month per pallet with the first three pallets being free.

What is pick-and-pack?
Pick+Pack is the process of removing your products from inventory in Pegasus’s fulfillment facility, placing them in specialized packaging, labelling and applying postage, and dispatching them to your single-order customers or in bulk to your resellers, plus inventory and accounting control. The one-price-per-item shown on the PEGASUS MEDIA EXPRESS website includes all of the above. Just add the low postage rates.

Does Pegasus pack products well? Is the packaging impact-proof?
Pegasus packs each of its customer’s products with the greatest of care. Whether books, software, medical or electronic devices, spare parts, or virtually any tangible item, PEGASUS MEDIA EXPRESS carefully packs your products using ColomPac® intelligently designed, impact-resistant, premium book wraps or merchandise boxes, well-known for premium-quality packaging. Pegasus is also the exclusive supplier of  ColomPac® packaging in North America.

Are there any charges for “on-boarding” or receiving products at a Pegasus facility?
No, Pegasus does not charge any on boarding or receiving costs. The costs shown for pick-and-pack, postage, and storage fees are the only costs you need be aware of.

How does Pegasus account for fulfillment?
Pegasus has securely accessible summaries that you can access with all relevant information about each and every item fulfilled, including the charges and tracking information.

What about customer service? Can we actually speak to someone about orders or issues that may come up from time to time?
Yes, Pegasus is well known for its exceptional customer service, which is open 24/7.  Typically you would be assigned a representative to handle your account personally.

How are import duties and/or VAT handled?
Most duties for books, such as VAT, are your responsibility but Pegasus will handle all the logistics involved for you.

Can we integrate our shopping cart system with PEGASUS MEDIA EXPRESS?
Yes, most shopping cart systems can be integrated with Pegasus through ShipStation.

More information can be found at PEGASUS MEDIA EXPRESS